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1. Cost & Time Efficiency

Creating physical sets can be time-consuming, requiring extensive planning, construction, and preparation. Virtual 3D sets streamline the production process by reducing setup time. With a virtual set, you can quickly design and set up the desired environment, eliminating the need for extensive construction and allowing for efficient shooting schedules.
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2. Flexibility and Versatility

Place your customer in a News Studio, on top of the Grand Canyon, a sports arena, an abandoned factory, … the possibilities are truly limitless.
Virtual 3D sets offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility. With a virtual set, you can easily adapt and modify the environment as needed. Changes in lighting, camera angles, or set design can be made quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources. Virtual sets also allow for seamless integration of various visual effects, animations, and virtual objects, expanding the creative possibilities. Like XR graphics, virtual screens to display powerpoints or remote speakers.
We create projects in Unreal Engine that are loaded in Aximmetry Media servers.
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3. Realism and Immersion

Broadcast quality rendering techniques and technologies with life-like shadows, camera movements and presets enable virtual 3D sets to achieve a high level of realism and immersion. With detailed textures, lighting effects, and accurate physics simulations, virtual sets can create lifelike environments that engage and captivate audiences. This level of realism can enhance the overall quality and visual appeal of your production.
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Add graphics in the 3D set based on CSV, XML data
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Broadcast Quality results with virtual camera presets and movements.
With real-time life-like shadows, reflections, lighting & shading inside the virtual world.
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4. Accessibility and Remote Collaboration

Virtual 3D sets enable accessibility and remote collaboration. You can create and design sets from anywhere in the world, without the need for a physical location.
This feature allows to bring in remote guests and speakers as if they are standing next to you, it allows for real-time collaboration, feedback, and interactivity.
By sending two SRT remote camera feeds in sync, the remote speaker can be placed in the wide shots, and close-ups in high quality.
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5. Sustainability

In an era where environmental sustainability is increasingly important, virtual 3D sets offer a more eco-friendly alternative to physical sets. By eliminating the need for physical construction, transportation, and disposal, virtual sets reduce waste and carbon footprint, making them a greener option for production.
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Ultimately, the decision to use a virtual 3D set depends on your specific requirements and goals. However, the cost-efficiency, flexibility, realism, accessibility, time efficiency, and sustainability offered by virtual 3D sets make them an appealing choice for many productions.


We just need to drive to the Green screen setup, route a fiber to the inside venue and hook up camera’s to be running within hours.
The OB-Trailer has multiple powerful Aximmetry servers on-board.
We pre-program and load the virtual sets into the servers before driving to your location, and can make last minute changes on-site.
This saves drastically in time to setup,
and gives more time to be creative on-site.

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Very important for an easy workflow, is that the video director is not biased by the 3D technology and can be creative instead. In our setup, for the video director to choose a specific camera shot, he can stay behind his comfortable video panel.
Choosing a closeup or wideshot, a fixed position or a virtual camera movement: it's as easy as selecting a PTZ preset and choosing the camera shot on the ATEM panel.
This is a feature unique in the world!
Software is developed in-house and patent pending. Ask us for a demo and we show you how easy it is to enter the virtual setups for your video director.


We use the latest Unreal Engine environments to load and create the setups.
Adding the needed virtual screens, logo's & graphics, 3D models. Change colors of walls and floor, and add lights to blend the green-screen person(s) into the 3D set that create the lights shadows and reflections. Even DMX lights and pyro effects can be added to make it even more realistic.

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The UE project is then loaded into the Aximmetry Broadcast servers to add the SDI. SRT, NDI feeds, Camera's tracked or non-tracked.
And camera positions and movements are programmed. During the agile programming process we provide screenshots and video recordings of the sets for approval. So that everything is setup before we drive to your location of the recording or Live broadcast. We take the whole process of your hands, to let you to be creative instead.

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