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The Logo's on the OB-VAN are magnetic stickers. They can be removed or exchanged with your logo on request!
This way we can work in a flexible way for third parties.
For questions, please feel free to take contact.

Fully featured but still compact mini-OB-Van. Ideally for live events with less or no space backstage.
One multi-cable from the car to the stage connecting all camera feeds, program feed, audio, intercom and power.
Up to 6 HD-camera's can be connected and 2 computer feeds for video playback / Power points.
All camera's have a multi-cable including video, intercom, Tally and CCU data.

- NewSpotter KA-SAT service
- Very compact, ideal for festival backstage
- Place for 1-3 operators (Director + optional CCU/PT-head operator)
- 1-8 HD-SDI camera's inputs
- 1-4 Pan Tilt MC-PT6300 Video heads
- Hybrid Fiber cabling 12G-SDI/12V-Power/Intercom/Tally/CCU
- OnTheAir Clip Playback with Alpa-channel
- PowerPoint / Keynote Playback
- 8 Channel Audio I/O Balanced Analog or AES
- ISO recording 1- 4 camera's (optional to 6)
- Tally / CCU control per camera
- 1-4 12G-SDI Output(s) (Program / Aux 1-2)
- ASL Intercom 2-channel base station
- 3x 220V / 16A Power connection
- Build-in UPS 1500VA



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