Setting up a Live broadcast makes you nervous?

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Are you done by using someones laptop to view a broadcasting on big screen or projector? Will it be fast enough to display full screen HD live feeds, without freezing? Is your audio checked?

And you know… right at the prime-time moment, the laptop wants to install updates, or gives an error in the webbrowser. Bling sound! Your friend send you message: "How are things going?". While showing a huge pop-up on the projection screen for everyone to see. Sounds all too familiar?
Yes, not that professional, but what else is there?

Meet the Broadcast Receiver Box HD BRB-01.

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1U 19"unit with status display and mini monitor

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3G-SDI, DI Audio on XLR, Internet connection

Get rid of the laptops to show the Live Broadcast!
We rent out the BRB-100 SDI instead.
We developed a no-brainer Broadcast Receiver Box HD BRB-100 SDI that outputs full screen video.
It just needs an internet connection, that's it!

- NO configurations, keyboard or mouse
- NO Boot screens or error on screen visible.
- NO audio / Video settings to setup.
- NO dropped frames
- NO port-forwarding or firewall settings needed.
- NO reboot when internet signal drops out.
- Full screen output in HDMI / SDI (option).
- Audio embedded in HDMI/SDI/Mini jack.
- 720p or 1080i output.
- Broadcast quality up to 10Mbit 720p50 / 1080p25.
- Show your Logo or Event slide between broadcasts.

Developed especially for one-off events.

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We broadcast one secure video stream from SD/HD broadcast quality to our Cloud Server with WOWZA streaming Engine.
Connected Broadcast Receiver Boxes HD BRB-100 SDI start outputting the SD/HD stream Full Screen as soon as the stream is started.
For the HD-BRB01 to play the stream, only a fast internet access is required. No port-forwarding or firewall settings are needed.
So next time you need to stream or broadcast your event to another location, think at the HD-BRB01 receiver technology for a no-brainer setup. Just send a HD BRB-01 to the other location(s), and connect a projector to the box! As soon as the broadcast starts, the video will play.
To make it even more slick as a stand-alone device, we have given the possibility to upload a BMP to the HD BRB-01, which the unit will show when no stream/broadcast is active.
Simply another multicam from a different angle.

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1- Connect the RJ-45 on a LAN network with internet.
2- Connect the HDMI or SDI to your monitor or Projector.
3- Power the Unit.
4- At first the screen will go black, and after a minute or so it displays the loaded Bitmap when there is no stream available. This is default a Color-bar test image. But we can pre-load it with your event slide / logo instead.
5- The boxes are pre-configured and wait after power on, to display a secured & closed HD broadcasting stream. When the broadcasting starts, all the HDBRB-01's from (wherever located in the world) will start displaying the broadcast automatically.
6- After the broadcast, or when the internet is disconnected, the Receiving Box will automatically display back the logo until power off or when a new broadcast starts.
- The boxes are pre-configured to output a closed & secure Broadcast from the OB-VAN
- We can configure it also to be a public event from anywhere else, we then route the signal to our secure environment.
No configuration to be done on the HD BRB-01, we configure this on the front-end.
The broadcast can also be routed parallel to any CDN, YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Livestream account if needed.
- And we can setup the Receiving boxes to display content from a local network. Ideally for corporate events to bring displays with info and video to other parts of the building (Q2 2017). With our wireless technology and relais stations we can also create local closed connections up to 3KM from each other. See this link.
We use our own WOWZA streaming cloud. Therefore It is as secure as the Wowza cloud. The streaming URL's are encrypted per customer. We can serve multiple broadcasts/events simultaneously.
If we provide you a link, you can also watch the broadcast with VLC player. But the images will not be as with our Broadcast Receiver Boxes. The video/audio playback will depend on the used hardware of the laptop/desktop. And when the signal is stopped / restarted / dropped, VLC does not recover automatically from that.
At this moment we are only renting the HD BRB-01 for a low fee. When there's a demand for small volumes we can setup and produce extra boxes. The goal is to take away the hassle with laptops and settings for customers who want to setup large screens to display a broadcast.
Ideal for corporate events, for festivals which put screens in another part of the city or VIP area's.
We pre-configure the Broadcast Receiver Boxes with the Logo and local of internet setups, and deliver the boxes to the customer who can send them world-wide.
We also provide support when the customers receive the Broadcast Receiver Boxes. But it should be a no-brainer to connect. Before the event we can send test-streams to checkout the whole chain of equipment at the PA side.

The cloud limitation is currently set at 150 Broadcast Receiver Boxes, so we can handle pretty large broadcasts. The limitations will be the available receiving boxes.


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