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Multicam & ISO recording


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Multicam, Sponsor loops, LED screen production


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Live broadcast to TV-studio


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Multicam, Presentations, Projection


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Openingsshow, images on buildings, stage sets.


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Stream your Live event on Facebook, webpage, and or TV-Studio

Maxedia Operator / Engineer

Maxedia Operator / Engineer References:
Usher, Eurovision Song Contest, Wella, Foute Party BE & NL, Adecco, Noliko, Fantasia Festival, Q-Music, Joe FM, Regi, Natalia,…

Point-2-Point connections

Point-2-Point low delay AV+intercom connections between venues and/or LED screens. Line-of-sight connections (even with relais station), or through satellite NewsSpotter connections.
Closed local networks or through Wowza Servers.

Why choose

Experienced crews

The production crews are assembled from a pool of experienced freelancers: cameramen, shaders, directors.

Starting from a two camera's shoot to an intense 8 Live camera production. We know how to make the best of it with the given budget and personnel.

Technical background

Our technical chiefs are developers in electronics. So we know our gear inside out, and have build our own OB-racks and OB-Van.
We developed even our own CCU electronics and cabling for an effective Multicam / Streaming solution.

From this know-how we are also reseller of video equipment through for individuals and projects as system integrator.

Total solutions

We can deliver multiple solutions for your production:

Starting from the content side, we can help by creating animated logo's, guide the presenters in the Power-point designs for optimum multi-projection screen productions, up to creating video mapped content for your opening or show elements on buildings or set-pieces.

During the event we can deliver the HD-Multicam video to the projection or LED screen. We use equipment to map the video pixel precise to the used sizes of the screens.

You may want to broadcast your event to customers or colleagues world-wide in a private session with login. Or we can stream public on Facebook or strait to your company webpage.
From experience we have also hardware at our disposal when the venue has no reliable internet.
Through NewsSpotter satellite or 4G we can provide alternatives which therefore doesn't have to be more costly then a dedicated internet line.

Your budget is our work area

We all know that budgets are always tight and under pressure.
We try to help and to communicate to find the best production possible by adding less or more camera's in the Multicam, looking for possibilities to create the content and how to deliver the most effective streaming of your event.
Shows can quickly become complex with many aspects to be done. We can be only a small part of the chain with one of our solutions, or by combining tasks, we can also help the budget. As you need less partners to talk too and to shift less budgets with.

Lets talk! Where we can help you?

Provides dedicated and project-based solutions for advanced streaming services with multicam and backup solutions
Simonn Coene Lefmarketing


Live streaming Platform

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