Concert / LED animations

Our most experience goes into creating pixel precise video content to match with the used multi-projection screen or mapped LED screens. As we have 25 years of background in lighting, we create video content that matches the mood and colours of the lighting design.

3D projection mapping

Bring a wall or object alive and interesting to watch.
From subtle to dramatic changes, in the theme or style of the event. Video mapping on stage-sets or buildings. With edge blending / warping to adjust the rendered graphics on the actual surface.

2D/ 3D Logo animations

Client asked to create logo animation with a look and feel coming from a fantasy, with explosion from flying birds, and sophisticated lines creating the outlines of the logo. Made in After Effects.

3D Product amimations

Exploded view animation & LED animation made in C4D, Texts added with After Effects.

Opening video Concert (animation)

This intro video was projected on a large screen at the beginning of the concert. The client wanted a fly-over a city, were the camera had to fly in the end to a window. At the window the singer then began to sing. Made in After Effects

Opening video corporate show

100 years Raedschelders. We used old paper documents to assemble a brief overview of the company history. Animsted in After Effects.

Content can be divided in following categories:

- Logo animation.
- Static or animated backgrounds for screen projection.
- Sponsor-loops.
- Advertisement blocks for festivals.
- Animated schedules during the event.
- Openingsvideo's, video bumpers (to for example introduce a speaker)
- SVO Graphic Design (lower third titles)
- Video mapping
We have 25 years of experience in lighting / mediaservers / video creation to help you with your project.
Based on the stage performance or song used we create the right content for the job.
Communication is crucial with the stage designer / light designers to make a harmony of colours / theme.
So that the lighting and video parts merge as one canvas in the show.
If needed we can also program the content on SMPTE LTC time-code, so it matches perfectly every show.
For a corporate event, it helps to know the theme of the event and the style.
We also like to work together with your graphical department responsible for the brochures/mailings of the event. So that the same style, fonts, and logo's are used in the video's, backgrounds, animations.
Tell us the message you want to bring to the event. That helps us to brainstorm about how the content should look like.
During the process we provide work in progress video files / screenshots. So adjustments can be done early in the process.
Spice-up your event with high-tech video mapping!
Entertain your public with graphics outside on the event building with sponsor loops and stunning animations.
Create dynamically changing scenes with video mapping on stage.
- PSD (Adobe Photoshop) for static content and backgrounds.
- AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS files for Graphics and Logo's. Please embed the fonts as vectors or add the fonts with the files.
- Quicktime MOV for delivered video files.
- Keynote or PowerPoint files. Please also include the used fonts and some screenshots.
So we can compare if it looks 100% from the original.
- ZIP files. Please zip all data in a zip file before sending. Label en number updates.

For Logo's please send us the original vector files.
For example, we cannot do anything with a tiny copied logo from a website to scale up on a 10m wide screen-projection.
Content only looks as good as the original resolution.

Sending new data and updates:
When sending data please zip all files together and label the file(s) with a name and in a numbered order.
So we can distinguish latest updates from old files. The same for backgrounds and Logo's files.
A ZIP file is faster to deploy from a download or email, instead of saving multiple files from multiple emails with the chance of missing a processed file.
This way we can make sure the final rendered files have all latest updates implemented.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Cinema4D Studio version

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Cinema4D Studio. 3D environment to create 2D/3D logo's, effects, animations, video mapping

Adobe After Effects

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After Effects is used to create backgrounds, titles, and the finishing touch for C4D renderings.


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Video editing while having background rendering available is a huge time saver to reach the deadlines. Therefore we work a lot with FCPX.

Adobe Audition

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Video is only as good as the audio track supporting it. Adobe edition with the multipack features is our tool to finish the soundtrack.


Live streaming Platform

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